This week I’m listening to: It’s Not So Bad by KYLE

If you’re looking for feel-good, toe-tapping pop-rap then you’re in the right place.

Exhibit A: Optimistic, featuring Dougie F

It’s hard to resist the catchy beats and rays of sunshine that radiate from this album; look no further for a perfect pick-me-up during these dreary February days.

Exhibit B: Sunday

It’s Not So Bad is KYLE’s third album and his first to be released as an independent artist, after breaking away from Atlantic Records.

Exhibit C: Unreplaceable (featuring Craig David)

In a recent interview with NME KYLE explained why his music embraces pop as well as rap:

“Pop is always at the centre of my music is because I’m an optimist, man. I’m trying to make the listener feel brighter and joyful. No genre has ever done that like pop.”

It’s Not So Bad certainly sounds full of joy and love and acts like a soothing balm during these dark days.

Listen to the album on Spotify:

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