New Music: Islands by Josef Salvat

I’m in bed with Covid so now is the perfect time to listen to Josef Salvat’s new LP Islands, which is released today.

Three singles had been released in the build up to the album, each of which gives a faithful reflection of the flavour of Islands.

I was lucky enough to join a live-stream album preview ahead of the release so I already knew what to expect; solid bops with plenty of synths and heartfelt lyrics.

Promiscuity has echoes of Prince circa Kiss, which is no bad thing, and the whole album seems to speak of love and liberation; it exudes a confidence that comes with loving and accepting who you are.

There’s an undercurrent of obsessive love, however; the songs seem to reach out to someone who perhaps doesn’t love you back in quite the same way, as of there is a price to pay for being so open and liberal in love.

“You could be the one to give me pleasure, you could be the one to give me pain, I want you to see me like I see you” goes the brooding Pleasure Pain.

I am a huge Salvat fan, having discovered him during our first lockdown way back in 2020. This is an excellent addition to his body of work and might just be his best album yet.

Stream it via Spotify below:

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