This week I’m listening to: CRASH by Charli XCX

Pitchfork says: Charli’s best full-length project since Pop 2 is a canny embrace of modern and vintage pop styles by one of its most sincere students.

NME calls it: a headstrong collection of carpe-diem pop bops

Renowned for Sound says: Charli XCX has consistently walked a fine line between pop princess and hyperpop pioneer. But on Crash, she has dived headfirst into mainstream pop with an album full of nostalgia and creativity.  

Rolling Stone says: The ‘”anti-pop star” delivers mega-bops that don’t dilute her art-school eccentricities.

DIY says: An album that cements her status as a true pop trailblazer

But, is CRASH as good as those reviews suggest?

Hell, yes!

This is one of those pop albums that rushes by and is over before you know it; it demands to be on repeat, to make up for the short running time of just 33 minutes.

(The deluxe version is longer, with an extra four songs increasing the playtime to 45 minutes).

I’ve always been interested in Charli’s music; her debut, 2013’s True Romance, caught my attention with it’s 80s synth pop, but none of her subsequent albums quite held my attention.

CRASH more than makes up for that. Give it a listen below and dive into it’s pop brilliance.

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