New Music: Ivory by Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo finally drops his debut album, IVORY, tomorrow, April 8th.

I’ve been a fan since discovering 2020’s collection of songs, Apolonio, which I thought was an album.

IVORY is being touted as his first album and I cannot wait to hear it.

The singles so far have been outstanding.

Here’s Invincible, featuring Daniel Caesar:

DIY has this to say about IVORY: Conflating his electro-pop tendencies with the occasional stride of a campfire guitar, he turns everything he touches to glistening radio gold.

DORK says: A bilingual exhibit of soulful, shape-shifting musings, Omar Apollo manages to weave everything from his heritage to loneliness, sex, love and toxicity. It’s a mammoth effort, and one that bridges the gap between his earlier releases and who he is now. It’s a world in itself: billowing shirts, candle-lit rooms, careful contemplation in the midnight hour, the strain of trying to discover who you are. Unpredictable and deeply transformative, ‘IVORY’ is poised statement from someone possessing absolute multitudes, and extending them out with every track.

Here’s Killing Me:

GQ has this to say:

Ivory, out on Friday, is his debut album after a lengthy series of singles and a pair of EPs, Apolonio (his middle name) and Stereo. Omar makes beautiful post-Blonde ballads, singing aching melodies over fractured beats and echoing acoustic guitars. Although he’s quiet and shy in person, his singing voice is expansive. He writes about being sexually fluid and falling in love with all types of people, without it feeling forced or tokenizing. He’s endorsed by top-tier taste connoisseurs like Tyler, the Creator, and Pharrell, who produced “Tamagotchi,” the catchy third single off Ivory. In certain circles, saying you listen to Omar Apollo means you get it.

Here’s Tamagotchi:

I’m looking forward to listening to IVORY tomorrow, but in the meantime, if you’re unfamiliar with Omar Apollo’s music, this playlist is a good place to start:

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