This Week I’m Listening To: Two Ribbons by Let’s Eat Grandma

Two Ribbons is the third album by British duo Let’s Eat Grandma.

This is their most ‘pop’ sounding album so far; they’re known for their alternative, experimental music, but Two Ribbons throws in synths and pop beats into the mix.

The Guardian calls Two Ribbons: “all-out pop: big, neon-hued synthesisers pitched somewhere between jubilant 80s hits and hands-in-the-air dancefloor breakdowns; acoustic ballads that swell to grand climaxes.” 

Pitchfork says: “Retaining all of the light-hearted surreality that made its first two records so bewitching, the UK synth-pop duo make the sound of grief and joy glimmer on the dancefloor.”

NME says: “The glorious quirks and inventiveness of Let’s Eat Grandma’s earlier work might be amiss on ‘Two Ribbons’, but its immediacy will likely win them new fans. This is the stirring sound of reinvigoration in the face of loss.”

You can give Two Ribbons a listen via Spotify below.

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