This week I’m listening to: At What Cost? by Surya Sen

At What Cost? is the debut mixtape from Surya Sen, a Bengali-British rapper and producer.

NME says:

Stand-out track ‘Buccho Ni Ba Bhai’ is based on the 1978 murder of textile worker Altab Ali in a racially-motivated attack, which led to widespread protests and the recognition to improve the rights of Bangladeshi immigrants in east London. “1978 / We’ve been healing / Yeah I’ll do this for free / For the long term riches / For my bros and me / Buccho ni ba bhai (do you understand my brother?)” Sen asks.

The deftness with which he balances the desire to reclaim the city’s nightlife scene, while speaking to the history of colonialism and the effects it has on South Asians today is remarkable; this is one of strongest and most versatile mixtapes to arrive out of London in the last few years.

MixMag says:

this thirteen track project shows off Sen’s musical capabilities and is packed with house-infused rap that’s influenced by Sen’s cultural heritage. The storyline of the album follows Sen on a post-lockdown night out in the city, and the album follows his experiences, his heightened emotions, and narrates stories of friendships.

This mixtape is genuinely one of the most exciting things I’ve listened to in a while. Give it a spin below!

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