This week I’m listening to: Wet Tennis by Sofi Tukker

Wet Tennis is the latest album from electro-pop duo Sofi Tukker.

Slant Magazine says:

Wet Tennis stages a 35-minute dance party that’s tempered, as well as bolstered, by notes of reflective melancholy. The album is predominantly ebullient in spirit, though, and it all comes to a head on “Mon Cheri,” a bona fide floor filler featuring the incomparable Amadou & Mariam. The septuagenarian pair, longtime purveyors of Afro-blues, lend their vivacious vocals and nimble guitar-playing to the track, trading verses with Hawley-Weld and urged along by a metronomic beat. It’s as representative a creation as you’ll find on Wet Tennis: a celebration of globalism, love, and exuberance flowing from a wellspring of sources.

Clash says:

Sofi Tukker’s approach to dance-pop is curiously exhilarating, every track an experimental burst of vibrancy. Every track feels distinct, existing in its own woozy, whirling world within the sprawling club that is ‘WET TENNIS’. Mahmut Orhan feature ‘Forgive Me’ hints at Latin pop, while tracks like the exhilirating ‘Larry Bird’ meld together the chaotic, whistle-blowing world of House with bursting steel drums.One of the most exhilirating tracks on ‘WET TENNIS’ is a total patchwork of sounds, and it totally works – ‘Freak’ moves from crazed, intimate whispers into whiplash-quick Portugese vocals and a sturdy bassline. This weaving together of different sounds keeps their tracks feeling fresh, and truly hints at just how exciting dance-pop has the potential of feeling.

This is the sound of the summer: you will be listening to this album on the beach, in the car, at the gym, in the bar, and at home. Wet Tennis is totally irresistible.

Succumb to its charms by streaming it below!

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