This week I’m listening to: How To Let Go by Sigrid

How To Let Go is the second album from Norwegian popstar Sigrid and has been receiving rave reviews.

NME says: If ‘How To Let Go’ is an album about embracing life in all its chaotic and contradictory glory, it’s surely a testament to its success that the record feels so life-affirming. Like the best pop music, it feels like someone’s reached out to say they know exactly how you feel.

The Line of Best Fit says: With her explorative new sound shining through the record, glimpses of her music heroes present themself in a way that seems familiar but not at all obvious. The hypnotic “Dancer” builds itself around 70s-esque psychedelia, standing out with buzzy climatic drumbeats that’s injected with sporadic glittery synth tints. Continuing to turn her head back to the pre-00’s, the red-eyed “A Driver Saved My Life” is nothing like Sigrid has ever done before. Putting a modern twist on 80s/90s dance floor heydays, bendy synths are in full force to emulate the wonky feeling of coming home from a night out, as Sigrid’s lulling echoes sing “I think a driver might’ve saved my night”.

Yorkshire Times says: How To Let Go, is easily one of the finest all-out pop moments of the last decade. It has bombast of Miley, the intricacy of Robyn, the pop sensitivity of Lady Gaga and yet it feels nothing like any of their material. This is Sigrid on her own terms, in her own words and with a new-level of confidence. Pure pop brilliance.

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