This week I’m listening to: Europiana Encore by Jack Savoretti

I somehow missed Europiana when it was originally released in 2021; thankfully I’ve stumbled across this re-issue, Europiana Encore which has additional new tracks.

To be honest, Jack Savoretti is not a name I was familiar with at all; until now, his music had completely passed me by!

Retropop says: The thrill of the recording process is clear from the onset: the uptempo Secret Life and joyous Dancing In The Living Room are earworms, while Nile Rodgers adds his disco magic to lead track Who’s Hurting Who. On the new edition, Mea Culpa is a slick electronic number, while Dancing Through The Rain opens as a piano ballad before building into a thumping pop anthem.

This is an album of shiny, glossy disco-pop that could be the soundtrack to an impossibly sunny summer holiday; you can almost smell the sea, sand and sun lotion.

This album was made for the summer; pour yourself a mocktail and allow yourself to be transported to Club Tropicana…

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