This week I’m listening to: Algorhythm by Todrick Hall

They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but more often than not the cover is the very thing that gets your attention, right?

That’s very much what happened here; I’d never heard of Todrick Hall before this week, and was certainly unaware of his music, but as soon as I saw this album cover in a magazine I was reading, I knew I had to listen to it. After all, it’s not everyday that such iconic album art is referenced in this way. Does that cover design remind you of anything?

I’m also a sucker for any new music that references the 1980s so I knew I had to give this album a listen.

Here’s the 80s-tastic lead single Dance Forever.

Retropop magazine says: On ‘Algorhythm’ Todrick sets out to prove himself as a singer and, as he pushes his vocal abilities further than ever, he excels like never before. But in silencing his critics, he also proves himself a fully-rounded pop star, capable of blending classic vocals and rap with ease for a signature sound that sets him apart from the crowd.

Algorhythm features echoes of Purple Rain and Kiss-era Prince, early Whitney Houston, references Madonna’s Vogue, and has 80s-sounding squelchy synths, and shiny dancefloor fillers that sound like a ready-made Pride soundtrack.

My favourite track is the gorgeous and lush Skipping on Stars.

Algorhythm sometimes sounds like style over substance, but Todrick Hall’s voice consistently shines through all the 80-s pop gloss, making this an incredibly fun album, if not an essential one. Get thee to the 80’s dancefloor and stream the album below.

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