This week I’m listening to: Angels & Queens Part 1 by Gabriels

Angels & Queens Part 1 is the astonishing debut album from Gabriels.

The Guardian says: The seven songs here last barely 30 minutes, but a powerful, concentrated half hour dose is all you need. Certainly – it’s all you need to stake a strong claim to the title of album of the year.

Last year they performed their striking debut single Love and Hate in a Different Time, from an EP of the same name, live for the BBC.

Love and Hate in a Different Time sounded like a career highlight, but yet, they have now released a debut album full of career highlights. It already sounds like a best-of, even though it only has seven tracks.

Louder Than War says:

Angels and Queens is a flawless album, one that will rival Kendrick Lamar’s magnum opus, Mr Morale And The Big Steppers, as this year’s finest. Indeed, Gabriels remind me of SAULT in their ability to consistently release music of quite remarkable standard. And, like SAULT, they also have a semi-mischievous, almost Hitchcockian mastery of suspense. We just know that there’s more to come, because this particular collection is only Part One of Angels and Queens, with Part Two to follow in 2023. Perhaps that’s a bold attempt to ensure that they dominate the year end compilations three years in a row. I wouldn’t bet against them. Quite frankly, Part Two cannot come quickly enough.

In the meantime, soak up this sublime music via the streaming link below:

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