Podcasts I love: When There’s A Will, There’s A Wake

Are you afraid of talking about death?

Well then, perhaps this podcast might not be for you.

But it could also very well be the perfect podcast you need to overcome that fear.

Come on over to the funny side…


When There’s A Will, There’s A Wake, hosted by Kathy Burke, injects a whole lot of humour into the topic, which makes for a darkly amusing listen.

The very first episode stars Dawn French and is as funny as you would expect. It is such a privilege to listen in on Dawn and Kathy making each other laugh; here are two close friends thoroughly enjoying themselves, and the (dark) humour is infectious. I loved it!

The Guardian says:

We might see the podcast as an excuse for Burke to chat to her (famous) friends, given that the first guest is her long-term pal Dawn French; the show promises Stewart Lee and Diane Morgan to come. But the subject matter gives the chat a kick: Burke asks French to plan her own death, funeral, wake, will and what she might like to do as a ghost. French fulfils the brief valiantly and hilariously: her design for her coffin and what she’d like done with her embalmed body after the ceremony had me howling.

Give it a listen below (beware: NSFW)

More podcasts I love: Menkind and Manatomy

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