My Top 5 Posts This Month – January 2023

What were the most popular posts on My Mashed Up Life this month? Read on to find out!

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5 New Music: Permanent Damage by Joesef. My review of the new album.

Full of emotion and raw lyrics about loneliness and heartbreak, this is a must-listen collection of soulful pop

4 The Future of Education: what if we switched off the Smartboard? My vision for multisensory learning environments.

Photo by Pixabay on

I do appreciate that PowerPoints are frequently necessary; to convey learning objectives, for example, or for learners who need to see the written words as well as listening to spoken ones. However, for the most part, I really do believe in a Further Education pedagogy that speaks to all the senses, not just what we can see and read.

3 Getting to the Bottom of it: Cameras and Colons. My experience of having a colonoscopy. Yikes!

A colonoscopy is a weird experience, for sure. I mean, it’s not everyday (I hope it’s not everyday) that a medical professional sticks a camera up your bum and carries on talking to you as if this is completely normal behaviour, while they give you a guided tour of your colon.

2 Going Native in Japan: dipping into the bathing culture. My experience of getting naked in Japan.

It was the one place in Japan where I felt like I belonged; naked people are the most equal people, after all. Yes, I was still a white man among Japanese men, but when we’re naked we’re all the same.

1 Spare by Prince Harry: grief, growing up & getting away. By far the most popular post this month was my succinct review of this royal memoir. Don’t believe the negative media; this is a great book.

 It is a deeply moving memoir about his experience of grief, coming-of-age, and of living an impossible life as a prince being controlled by palace officials.


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