Neurocomic – a visual guide to your brain

Have you ever wanted to take a look inside your brain?

This brilliant book allows you to do just that!

Neurocomic is the debut graphic novel from Dr Matteo Farinella and Dr Hana Ros, and was published ten years ago in 2013.

The blurb:

Do you know what your brain is made of? How does memory function? What is a neuron and how does it work? For that matter, what’s a comic? And in the words of Lewis Carroll’s famous caterpillar:“who are you?”
Supported by the Wellcome Trust,this debut graphic novel by Dr. Matteo Farinella and Dr.Hana Ros is a journey through the human brain: a place of neuron forests, memory caves and castles of deception. Along the way, you’ll encounter Boschean beasts, giant squid, guitar-playing sea slugs and the great pioneers of Neuroscience.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and educational journey around the human brain, told in an accessible way that will appeal to even the most unscientific of readers. I loved it!


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