My Top 5 Posts This Month – February 2023

Another month gone!

Here’s what the cool kids were reading on this blog during February:

(click the links to visit each post)

5 – Fantasy, Spare and Starlight – January book round-up – a summary of the books I read during January, including the brilliant Spare by you-know-who.

4 – Full Frontal: my vasectomy story – this post is always there to remind me of the pain and discomfort that I suffered.

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3 – How My Thirst For Adventure All Began – I started globetrotting when I was 18 and it changed everything.

2 – Colourful Emotional Empowerment or dressing like an unsolved Rubik’s Cube? – the joy of wearing bright clothes!

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1 – Going Native: dipping into the bathing culture in Japan – the ever-popular post about getting naked in Japan.

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