The Hills Are Alive…

Don’t worry, I haven’t disappeared.

I’ve been struck down by a virus (most likely our old friend Covid) and have been completely wiped out. Devoid of energy. Devoid of motivation. All I could do was breath, and swallow antibiotics.

The last time I felt so unwell was when I had pneumonia, so that’s how bad it’s been.

But, before I got this pesky virus, we spent Easter week in Munich and Salzburg.

It. Was. Amazing.

Not only were the surroundings beautiful, but the main reason for our trip was to meet up with Australian friends who we hadn’t seen in over twenty years.

The most joyful thing was that it felt like no time had passed at all (besides the fact that we now have five children between us, and we are edging ever closer to being fifty years old). Just wonderful and so uplifting.

Here are some of the visual highlights from our trip.

Above: Neuschwanstein castle. Below: Linderhof palace. (Both located outside of Munich).

Below: Marienplatz, at the heart of Munich.

Above and below: buildings in Salzburg, Austria.

One of the highlights was taking the half-day The Sound of Music Tour, in and around the city of Salzburg, visiting some of the movie locations.

My wife is a HUGE The Sound of Music fan, so this was a real highlight for her, and even our two sons said they enjoyed it. The enthusiasm from both the tour guide and the fellow tourists was infectious and it would have been impossible not to have walked away from this with a smile on your face and a song in your heart…


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