New Music: That! Feels Good! by Jessie Ware

Released today, That! Feels Good! (Jessie Ware’s fifth album) has received universal praise.

Pitchfork says:

(Ware) stretches beyond vibes and delves into the well-oiled mechanics of bands like Chic, Sister Sledge, the Trammps, and a little P-Funk, opening up the hood and pulling out all the parts to see if she can piece them back together. Alongside disco-savvy producers like Stuart Price (aka Thin White Duke/Jacques Lu Cont) and James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco), as well as co-songwriters Shungudzo Kuyimba and Sarah Hudson, Ware has achieved a rare feat: a genre revival album that’s painstakingly true to its source material, but doesn’t sound like a curdled rehash. This has everything to do with Ware’s unfailingly strong vocals—one of her generation’s preeminent white belters—and the wild joy she emits on every track, with a thesis that le freaking it on the dancefloor and in the bedroom is key to liberation, and that love alone will save the day.

NME says: “Ware’s finest album of her career is a transformative experience, an outlandishly good record that allows her to let loose”

Albumism says:

That! Feels Good! is a stunning, soul-affirming musical statement from an artist who assuredly has so much more to say—while having nothing to prove—as her career continues to ascend to greater creative heights. Whenever you’re keen to escape the doldrums of the day and elevate your spirit, drop the needle or press play on That! Feels Good! and your desires shall be fulfilled in droves.

Stereogum says:

After being called a modern dance diva for a decade, she has made good on that promise, embraced all the theatricality that comes with such a designation. If her last album was slightly tentative (What’s Your Pleasure?, she asked), her new one is emphatically horny — a celebration of life’s most carnal desires, packaged in sumptuous elegance. “Pleasure is a right!” she shouts on that opening track, a nod to the album that kicked off this exciting new chapter for Ware. It’s deliciously fun, a doubling down on the sort of music that’s going to go ahead and let you let loose to something as ludicrous as one of the title track’s many hooks: “I got something I can’t describe/ A little something to get you high/ Sugar ‘n’ salt it, lick that lime/ Lick, lick, lick, lick that, get in line.”

Slant says:

“Remember, pleasure is a right,” Ware declares on “That! Feels Good!” The album’s emphasis on pleasure is neither ironic nor glib, but rather genuine, if partly aspirational. That! Feels Good! both embraces a past where cellphones don’t exist and a present (and future) where dance floors are wide open and where we can at least indulge in the fantasy of feeling good.

Make no mistake: this is a pop-disco album full of joy. Give in to it’s charms, and dance your cares away…


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