Dungarees: not just for toddlers and farmers!

Dear reader, I have delved into the world of dungarees.

Is this a tragic midlife crisis? Have I morphed inexplicably into a hipster? Do I even care anymore?

Above: wearing my latest pair of dungarees, with a bright pink hoodie for good measure.

Below: yours truly as a cute blonde kid. I’m not sure if the shorts on the left are actually dungarees, but there’s no mistaking the tartan specimens on the right. What an outfit!

Below: the first pair of dungarees that I’ve worn as an adult.

Why dungarees, and why now? What’s wrong with a plain old pair of jeans?

Well, let me tell you: dungarees are just so comfortable.

Yes, you have to fiddle with straps and it’s a palaver every time you need to go to the bathroom, but that’s a small price to pay for what otherwise is an extremely comfortable garment.

Dungarees don’t care how tall you are (you can adjust the straps, you see…) and they’re designed to fit loosely, so you don’t need to worry about the size of your waist.

The older I get (currently 48) the less I care about conforming to what I’m expected or “supposed” to wear. My wardrobe is a blast of colour, and that is no accident. Dungarees aren’t necessarily colourful, but they are incredibly comfortable, and for me, comfortable clothes boost my wellbeing. If I’m comfortable, then I’m more likely to feel happy.

Dungarees rock!


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