New Music: The Love Invention by Alison Goldfrapp

Released on 12th May, this is Alison Goldfrapp’s debut solo album, after having had recorded seven albums as the band Goldfrapp, alongside Will Gregory.

Clash says: ‘The Love Invention’ is an inventive, open, honest, direct and impassioned love letter to hi-NRG disco, and easily one of the best things that Goldfrapp has ever recorded.

Far Out Magazine says: The Love Invention is an intoxicating listen, ready for any kind of night out where clubs and dance floors turn the rest of the world into a blur.

Narc Magazine says: What’s the best collective noun for hypnotic songs? A bliss? That seems most accurate. This is a beautifully curated set of synth pop, disco and house-saturated tunes, from the sweaty persistence and lurid neon glow of opening track Never Stop all the way through to the soporific comedown of SLoFLo.

The Irish Times says: This is, for all intents and purposes, Goldfrapp’s house album, from the synthy club opener Never Stop to the slow, sensual midtempo syncopation of The Beat Divine and the grimy judder of Subterfuge. Gatto Gelato flirts with Italo disco, bridging a squelchy, glam stomp with a chic European breathiness; the standout track Fever, with its arms-aloft build and zooming synthesisers, will inevitably generate comparisons with Róisín Murphy.

So what do I think?

I love this album: the squelchy and sparkling synths, disco beats, house influences and neon calls to the dance floor make me very happy indeed! The Love Invention is easily the highlight of Goldfrapp’s career so far, and I’ll be listening to it for months to come.


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