The Big Lunch

No, I’m not talking about that time when I ate too much food at the all-you-can-eat buffet. What I am talking about, is The Big Lunch, an initiative that aims to bring people together through community picnics. These picnics are hosted by people in their local neighbourhoods, every June, across the UK. We first hosted a Big Lunch in my garden, four years ago, as a way to get to know some of our neighbours, not long after we’d moved in. About twenty people came, bringing with them different foods for us to share. Many of my neighbours had never … Continue reading The Big Lunch

Back in the game

I wrote half a novel in November, as part of NaNoWriMo. Now I have finally picked up a pen again (well, actually, started typing again) and am determined to finish it this month. That’s right; by the end of April I am aiming to finish the first draft of this thing. It won’t be pretty, but I’ve got to bash it out. This means it might get a bit quiet on this blog over the next few weeks, but have no fear, I’m still here… Continue reading Back in the game

Music Monday: my top ten George Michael songs

I didn’t really become a proper fan of George Michael until Fastlove was released in 1996; I obsessed over that song, I had the CD single with the remixes and thought it was one of the best songs ever. I’d previously dipped my toe into his musical waters, by buying the Freedom 90 and Heal the Pain singles from Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, but strangely didn’t buy the album at the time. I loved Too Funky and bought the Red Hot + Dance album just to have his other songs on there. Then, later on, I had his Ladies & … Continue reading Music Monday: my top ten George Michael songs

My 1980’s Vinyl Singles

As a 1980’s teenager, I bought 7 inch vinyl singles between 1987 and 1989. Here are some of the ones that survived growing up and moving house; there were many more that have been lost, given away, or sold. Plus, a bonus record from 1990! Pet Shop Boys What have I done to deserve this? & always on my mind Not much to say about these, except, absolute classics. I remain a huge PSB fan. Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone & I Want You Back Bad was one of the first albums I ever owned (on cassette, of course) and at the time, Leave Me … Continue reading My 1980’s Vinyl Singles

No Mo’ NaNoWriMo

So NaNoWriMo 2017 has officially ended. As I declared here, this was my first ever attempt at participating. So, how did you get on? I finished at just under 25,000 words…so not even close to the target of 50,000. You failed, then? No, I’m not calling it a failure! I still wrote 25,000 words, which is more than I have ever written before on a work of fiction. Is your story finished? Nope, not finished. I am going to spend the next few months working on it, writing more, and then editing what I have already written. The story and … Continue reading No Mo’ NaNoWriMo