I curated a museum exhibit about Censorship

I had been working as Student Exhibitions Coordinator at the Wright Museum of Art, in Wisconsin, as well as doing a degree in Education & Museum Studies. The museum invited me to curate an exhibit about censorship. I posed the question What is censorship? I wrote: If “freedom of speech” is the ability to speak without censorship, then “freedom of expression” defines what art is.  Censorship, however, refers to how art is modified, repressed or removed due to political interactions with the art or artist during the public processes of publication or exhibition. This exhibit explores the different ways in … Continue reading I curated a museum exhibit about Censorship

Escaping The Parent Trap

Escaping The Parent Trap: or How Do I Find A Job That Fits In With School? You know how the story goes: I’ve been a stay-at-home-parent ever since the kids were babies. Then, finally, they are were in full-time education. Great! I thought, now I can find a job that fits in with the school schedule. You know the dream job: 10am until 2pm, Monday to Friday, term-time only. Local, without a long commute. The job that would allow me to take the kids to school, go to work, and then and pick them up afterwards. The job that would let … Continue reading Escaping The Parent Trap

My First Job

I started a weekend job in a bakery when I was sixteen, making pizzas. It was messy, boring, smelly repetitive work, and by the end of each day my white overalls were splattered with so much tomato sauce that it looked like I had murdered someone. I had to ladle tomato sauce onto pizza bases, sprinkle on some cheese, then place an olive and an anchovy on each one. My duties soon progressed from topping pizzas to rolling croissants and inserting the chocolate sticks into pain au chocolat. I became weekend supervisor in the packing department, where I individually wrapped … Continue reading My First Job

How To Be A More Engaging Presenter

A while ago, I mentioned how I was going to give a presentation to my colleagues about how to give a better presentation. Yes, that’s right – a presentation about a presentation. Well, a few weeks ago, I finally delivered this presentation. Here’s a summary of how to be a more engaging presenter. Naked Presentations Don’t worry, I wasn’t really naked. A naked presentation is one that doesn’t rely on PowerPoint or similar tech; it has nothing to do with actual nudity. I like to think my audience were disappointed, but they were probably just relieved. The main point I … Continue reading How To Be A More Engaging Presenter

5 Ways Japan Changed My Life

It is almost twenty years since I embarked on a journey that changed my life. Way back in July 1999, I boarded a plane for Tokyo, ready for a new adventure. The JET Programme I worked as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) on the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Programme. I signed a 12 month contract, but loved it so much that I stayed for three years. I can see now how greatly that experience influenced my life. #1 Friendships It hadn’t occurred to me that people from other countries would be participating in the JET Programme. I naively assumed the … Continue reading 5 Ways Japan Changed My Life

And the nominees are…

What’s going on then? I’ve been nominated for an award! What, for this blog? No, don’t be silly, it’s not for blogging… I’m not that good. No, you’re not. Well, what’s it for then? I have been nominated for an award at work. I didn’t know you had a job. Of course I have a job. I work part time in an academic library. Don’t you know anything about me? Not really, no. I just thought you were some silly blogger on the internet. I have a real life, too, not just writing stuff online, thank you very much. OK. … Continue reading And the nominees are…