Top Tips for hosting a kid’s birthday party

Don’t host it at home Yes, it’s all very well having a big garden for thirty of your child’s classmates to run around in. The previous year the sun shone and everything was brilliant. But this time it will rain, and suddenly you will have all those thirty children crammed into your living room, for two hours. You will play a few disastrous games, and then, as a last resort, turn on a DVD. From personal experience, this does not work. Hire a community hall instead, where there’s plenty of space inside if it rains. You won’t regret it. Don’t … Continue reading Top Tips for hosting a kid’s birthday party

Classics from my childhood

Did you read any of these when you were a child? I have fond memories of snuggling up on my parents’ bed while my mother read these to me. When I was a bit older, I read them by myself. My parents had kept a box full of my childhood things, and these books were in there. My name is still scrawled on the inside of each one. I hadn’t realised they they weren’t the original novels; they’d been rewritten for a younger audience. These weren’t my favourite childhood books, but I read them again and again. Now I want … Continue reading Classics from my childhood