My Most Memorable Journeys #3: driving in Japan

That time I embarked on an 800-mile drive along Japan’s coast, from Sapporo to Fukui, without sat nav. Yes, you read that correctly. Driving in Japan without sat nav.  This was way back in the summer of 2000. I had already been living in Japan for a year, teaching English, and really needed help learning Japanese. So what did I do? Instead of finding a local language school to help me, I traveled 800 miles north to Hokkaido, and spent a month learning Japanese in Sapporo. Y’know, the easier option. I took my car up there on the ferry, which took … Continue reading My Most Memorable Journeys #3: driving in Japan

My Five Favorite American Things

I lived in America from 2008 until 2014. Here are my five favorite American things. 1. My wife. Obviously. 2. Red Robin  Oh, Red Robin. A burger joint that serves alcohol. A burger joint that serves endless fries. Yes, that’s right; endless fries. You need never go hungry again. My favorite burger is the Royal Red Robin. It comes with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg on top. Yum. 3. Walgreens For the uninitiated, Walgreens is like the American version of Boots and Superdrug combined, only better. They have an amazingly fast and efficient photo service and the staff are awesome. … Continue reading My Five Favorite American Things

Breaking Up

Dear Great Western Railway, I’m sorry that it has come to this, but our relationship is truly over. I have been turning up and waiting at our usual meeting place three times a week, but most of the time you’re late, if you even arrive at all. I’ve tried talking to you about your lack of time-keeping skills, in an effort to find out the reason for your behaviour, but my questions go unanswered. You brush me off with comments like “we are continually improving our service” or with empty apologies such as “we’re sorry for the inconvenience the delayed … Continue reading Breaking Up