Music Monday: my top ten Pet Shop Boys songs

I first became a Pet Shop Boys fan when I bought the Actually album on vinyl, way back in 1987, when I was thirteen.  I haven’t always liked everything they’ve done, but I’m a lifelong fan. So, in no particular order, here are my top ten favourite Pet Shop Boys songs. Scroll down to the end for the Spotify playlist West End Girls One More Chance What Have I Done To Deserve This Left To My Own Devices Domino Dancing Always On My Mind Fluorescent Bolshy It’s Alright I Want To Wake Up Did I include your favourite, or did I miss … Continue reading Music Monday: my top ten Pet Shop Boys songs

My 1980’s Vinyl Singles

As a 1980’s teenager, I bought 7 inch vinyl singles between 1987 and 1989. Here are some of the ones that survived growing up and moving house; there were many more that have been lost, given away, or sold. Plus, a bonus record from 1990! Pet Shop Boys What have I done to deserve this? & always on my mind Not much to say about these, except, absolute classics. I remain a huge PSB fan. Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone & I Want You Back Bad was one of the first albums I ever owned (on cassette, of course) and at the time, Leave Me … Continue reading My 1980’s Vinyl Singles

The first CDs I ever owned

Picture it: Christmas Day 1991, I was seventeen years old and received my first CD player. It was a portable one, called a discman, that could be plugged into a stereo system or used like a walkman. Fortunately, my parents also gave me some CDs to go with it (otherwise it would have been a rubbish present). So, without further ado, here are the first CDs that I ever owned… Discography Pet Shop Boys This is a practically perfect (come to think of it, wouldn’t Perfect be an awesome title for a Pet Shop Boys album?) greatest hits collection, covering their … Continue reading The first CDs I ever owned

Me and You and the Pet Shop Boys

I went to a Pet Shop Boys gig. They were halfway through their set when they played Suburbia. I had never really made the connection between you and the Pet Shop Boys before, but suddenly I realised that the first Pet Shop Boys music I ever had was a taped copy of their Disco remix album that you had made for me. You must have had it for Christmas that year, in 1986. I would have been 12, and you were 11. I clearly remembered you playing Suburbia on the stereo in your room, and during the Pet Shop Boy’s … Continue reading Me and You and the Pet Shop Boys