My Surprising Top 5 Posts

Here are my top five most popular blog posts of all time. Why? Because this week I have surpassed one hundred blog posts on My Mashed Up Life! I know it’s just a number, but I feel proud to have made it this far. Oh, the memories… click the links below to read them. Naked In Japan On the cutting room floor: the story of my vasectomy Reading Aloud: Kids Are Listening Even When They’re Not Speed Dating: you can’t hurry love The Toys That Made Me Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below…   Continue reading My Surprising Top 5 Posts

Dark Secrets

I have a dark secret that I have tried to keep hidden. Here’s my confession: I was an art student. Yes, in a former life, I fancied myself as a talented art photographer. I did a degree in Media Art, and here are some of my self-portraits. Don’t ask me what they are about, because I can’t remember… it was all very misguided. None of these were photoshopped. They were created in a dark room, the old fashioned way, with actual film and chemicals and exposures and all that manual camera malarky. Continue reading Dark Secrets