My Surprising Top 5 Posts

Here are my top five most popular blog posts of all time. Why? Because this week I have surpassed one hundred blog posts on My Mashed Up Life! I know it’s just a number, but I feel proud to have made it this far. Oh, the memories… click the links below to read them. Naked In Japan On the cutting room floor: the story of my vasectomy Reading Aloud: Kids Are Listening Even When They’re Not Speed Dating: you can’t hurry love The Toys That Made Me Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below…   Continue reading My Surprising Top 5 Posts

Dark Secrets

I have a dark secret that I have tried to keep hidden. Here’s my confession: I was an art student. Yes, in a former life, I fancied myself as a talented art photographer. I did a degree in Media Art, and here are some of my self-portraits. Don’t ask me what they are about, because I can’t remember… it was all very misguided. None of these were photoshopped. They were created in a dark room, the old fashioned way, with actual film and chemicals and exposures and all that manual camera malarky. Continue reading Dark Secrets

The Toys That Made Me

There a show on Netflix called The Toys That Made Us, a documentary about the history of some of the word’s most popular toys. So far it has covered Star Wars, He-Man, G.I. Joe and Barbie, and future episodes later this year will be about Hello Kitty, Star Trek, Lego and Transformers.

Inspired by that show, here are the toys that made me. Some of them may have helped make you, too, so read on… Continue reading The Toys That Made Me