The first CDs I ever owned

Picture it: Christmas Day 1991, I was seventeen years old and received my first CD player. It was a portable one, called a discman, that could be plugged into a stereo system or used like a walkman. Fortunately, my parents also gave me some CDs to go with it (otherwise it would have been a rubbish present). So, without further ado, here are the first CDs that I ever owned… Discography Pet Shop Boys This is a practically perfect (come to think of it, wouldn’t Perfect be an awesome title for a Pet Shop Boys album?)¬†greatest hits collection, covering their … Continue reading The first CDs I ever owned

Whistle While You Work

After returning home from three months in Israel I had to fund the rest of my gap year. I got a job working in The Disney Store. I had never worked in retail before, so this was out of my comfort zone, but my self-confidence had been buoyed by my experiences in Israel so I felt ready for anything. Cast Member I was not a shop assistant, but rather a Cast Member. The shop floor was referred to as on-stage and the staff-only areas and stock room were backstage. Disney had strict policies on everything; men were not allowed to … Continue reading Whistle While You Work

Gap year in Israel

After taking my A level exams and leaving school, I embarked on a gap year. This was 1993, and back then, taking a gap year was not as common as it is today. Only two other students from my school took a gap year at the same time that I did; everyone else either went straight to university or got a job. Thanks to my weekends spent working in a bakery, I had saved enough money to be able to afford to take a year out from education,¬† so persuading my parents that this was the best decision for me … Continue reading Gap year in Israel

Working in a bakery

My first job, as a sixteen year old sixth form student, was working in a bakery. Initially, I made pizzas. I had to ladle on tomato sauce, sprinkle on some cheese, then place an olive and an anchovy on each one. It was messy, boring, smelly repetitive work, and by the end of each day my white overalls were splattered with so much tomato sauce that it looked like I had murdered someone. Thankfully, my duties progressed from topping pizzas to rolling croissants, inserting the chocolate sticks into pain au chocolat, and eventually, I became supervisor in the packing department, … Continue reading Working in a bakery