Top 5 Craft Projects

Here are my five favourite projects I’ve worked on either with or for my children! Have you tried any of these? Click the heading links to read each individual blog post. 5. Shed Makeover I transformed an unloved garden shed into a play den for my two sons. All I needed was some paint and freebies sourced from Freecycle. 4. Garden Den I set up a den, hidden in shady corner of the garden, to provide much needed shelter from the sun. 3. Boxing Clever We turned an old box into a cool and quirky dragon diorama! 2. The Crown … Continue reading Top 5 Craft Projects

Creative Parenting: Suitcase Surprise

I often dip into Pinterest, and come away feeling inspired to make all kinds of things. But I never tried to make any of them. Until now, that is. Inspired by Pinterest, here is my suitcase surprise… Yes, inside this old, unloved suitcase is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles play set! I made it with bits of packaging, boxes, paper, pens, crayons, glue, a few screws, double sided tape, and a little bit of paint; you know, just stuff we had at home. Let me show you around… My sons have TMNT toys, but had nowhere to play with them. … Continue reading Creative Parenting: Suitcase Surprise