I Have Reached Middle Age

It’s my birthday.

I’m 45.

No denying it now; I am officially middle aged.

I know I am middle aged because I received this birthday card today.


I mean, this is the kind of birthday card I used to buy for my grandfather.

Its not just the birthday card; there have been other signs, of course.

At the barbershop there’s always the surprise of my white hair falling down onto the floor with every snip.

Then there’s the hair growing on my ears, in my nose…. growing everywhere, really. What is that all about?

And there’s no denying that fact that I now halfway to ninety years old.

My new life goal is to live long enough to have a massive 90th birthday party. Adding that to my bucket list now…

Oh, and I have spent most of today in bed.

No, not because of a wild birthday sex orgy (that’s scheduled for next year).

I have been struck down by illness. The highlight of my day has been a long, hot soak in the bath this morning, to relieve my aching body.

Happy birthday, old man.

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