Movie Night: a lockdown family tradition

Here in the UK we’re about to hit the anniversary since the first lockdown began, way back in March 2020.

In an attempt to make lockdown fun for our children we instigated Movie Night.

Our kids (age 10 and 7) love going to the cinema so they’ve really missed watching new movies, and can’t wait until cinemas open again.

In the meantime, on the last Friday of the month, we stay up late together to watch a movie at home.

The curtains are drawn, the lights are out, we snuggle up with blankets, grab some snacks and create our own cinema in the living room.

Sometimes we even sleep in the living room with sleeping bags, although that part of the tradition has eased off since everyone realised that our beds are more comfortable than the couches or the floor.

Here are some of the movies we’ve watched so far. The only rule is that it must be something the kids have never watched before, and it needs to be appropriate for their age group.

Back to the Future

School of Rock

Howl’s Moving Castle

Hocus Pocus


We Can Be Heroes

The Princess Bride

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Isle of Dogs

Night at the Museum

Originally, only my wife and I would select the movies, but now we’ve agreed that we’ll all take it in turns. Last month our seven year old chose We Can Be Heroes and last night I chose School of Rock. I wonder what our ten year old choose next time?

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