Vintage Books

What is it about old books that makes them so appealing?

I run a Little Free Library book exchange in my neighbourhood and, from time to time, vintage books get donated.

Like these children’s books, including Black Beauty.


These annuals from the early 1960’s.


And these history books.


Some early editions of Thomas The Tank Engine.


And these ominous tomes.


This vintage illustrated book of dogs.

28828042_1833681610027198_7995052865817553396_o (1).jpg

And Ladybird children’s books like these…


…and these about Ancient Egypt and the Cub Scouts.

ladybird 2

The Ladybird books are my favourite, because they remind me of my childhood.

I guess the appeal of vintage books like these is the nostalgia value they hold.

Did you read any of these when you were younger?

7 thoughts on “Vintage Books

  1. I read “Black Beauty” so many times that it came in useful once when I was lost in London. I am not kidding … I got thoroughly turned around near St. Bartholomew’s and just started walking. My plan was to use a taxi, a policeman, or a tube stop … whichever I found first. When I reached Ludgate Hill, I knew that St. Paul’s was at the top of the road … and that there was a tube stop there.

    I haven’t read the other titles, though I’ve heard of some (Boswell’s Johnson, for instance). Some of them look quite appealing.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your link! Yeah, I used to get annuals too when I was young – The Beano, The Dandy, and I had some old Blue Peter ones too. I kept the Beano and the Dandy ones, I think my sons will enjoy them soon.

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