Books My Kids Love: Winnie the Witch series

Oh Winnie the Witch, how we love you.


It has been quite challenging to find  female-centered stories that my two sons enjoy, but Winnie remains a firm favourite.

Always accompanied by her faithful cat, Wilbur, Winnie embarks on funny and engaging adventures, with twists and turns often both caused and resolved by her magic wand.

These books are beautifully and wittily illustrated by the marvelous Korky Paul. I’ve yet to find an illustration by him that I didn’t like.

Do yourself a favour; wave your magic wand, shout abracadabra! and bring Winnie the Witch into your child’s life. Perfect for Halloween, of course…

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6 thoughts on “Books My Kids Love: Winnie the Witch series

  1. What age group would these books be good for? I have a three and half year old daughter and she loves witches and spooky story books, will these be a good choice for her? Or do you know of any other, similar to the gruffalo books?


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