I met my hero!

A backstage VIP meet & greet experience with my musical hero…

Oh go on, then. I know you’re dying to tell us. So who did you meet?


Sorry, who?


You’re really going to have to explain this one. I have no idea who Omar is…

Omar! The incredibly talented singer-songwriter-musician, the godfather of nu-soul…

No, never heard of him. Is he famous?

He’s not as famous as he should be. But Stevie Wonder once said “When I grow up I wanna be Omar”, so there you go.

High praise indeed. But has he actually had any hits?

Erm… well, technically only one big hit, way back in 1991… There’s Nothing Like This.

I bought that single on cassette, and then his first album. I’ve been a massive fan ever since. His music is critically acclaimed, but often goes unnoticed by the masses. He deserves to be much bigger and more commercially successful than he is.

Hmm. So not many people buy his music then?

No, they don’t. Which is a shame. He’s amazing! I mean, check this out:

Is this article just going to be an excuse to share Omar videos?

No! But that’s a great idea..

Please, no more videos…

Oh, just one more…please….

Stop. Enough! I get the idea now. Omar is a genius musician. 

I’m glad you agree with me.

So how did you meet him? Did you bump into him in the supermarket?

I thought you’d never ask!

No, we went to an Omar gig in Oxford, and my wife surprised me with VIP meet and greet tickets!

Lucky you.

Yes, lucky me!

What happened at this VIP meet and greet, then?

We meeted and greeted. Obviously.

If only you could see how much I am not laughing. 


Well, we got to hang out with Omar in his dressing room, have a drink with him, chat for a while, take photos with him, and he signed one of my Omar CD’s.

He signed one of your CDs…so how many Omar CDs do you have?

Oh, a lot. All his albums, basically.


What did you and Omar talk about?

When he saw the CD that I wanted him to sign, he said “Oh, you’re one of those!” I explained that I’d been a fan ever since the beginning, and he said that I didn’t look old enough.

Well that’s fascinating. Thanks for sharing. Have you ever met any other not-exactly-famous people?

I don’t know why I bother talking to you.

Neither do I. Go and listen to your Omar and leave me alone.

I will. Thanks.

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