Madonna’s erotica – justified at last?

This week there is a #JusticeForErotica campaign on Twitter, aiming to give Madonna’s erotica album the attention and recognition it deserves.

It’s a strong album that was underappreciated at the time.

There’s the jazzy, seductive Saint Etienne-esque Secret Garden, with its tinkling piano and spoken vocals, and the Chicago house cover of Fever, softly sung over minimalist beats.

There’s the wonderful Waiting, which acts like a sequel to Justify My Love, with hip-hop undertones, and the lush Rain.

At the time I thought Deeper and Deeper was underwhelming but it became a classic, with its Andy Warhol and Studio 54-inspired video.

Sure, there are songs here that I don’t like, and an awful lot of Shep Pettibone beats, but the great songs vastly outweigh the weak ones.

Even if you don’t like the music, the cinematic video for Bad Girl, in which Madonna’s character gets the kiss of death from Christopher Walken, is hard to ignore.

If you’ve never listened to it before, give the erotica album a whirl!

5 thoughts on “Madonna’s erotica – justified at last?

  1. Madonna was overexposed in more ways than one when this was released. But the album holds up well over time. Secret Garden is the hidden gem in it. Bad Girl is still one of the most cinematic videos. Awesome Madonna era.

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