This week I’m reading…

Lady in Waiting by Anne Glenconner

Let me start off by saying that I am not a monarchist, yet I do find these sort of books fascinating, to get a peek into the lives of the disgustingly wealthy and privileged few.

In my opinion the monarchy should be abolished upon the Queen’s death and all the Crown’s estates be broken up and redistributed. No single family should own that much land and property and have so much inherited privilege.

Having said that, I can’t help myself and get sucked into Netflix’s The Crown every season.

Season Four of The Crown is released next month.

This book is the perfect companion to The Crown; Glenconner even starts her book by describing the time Helena Bonham Carter came to tea to ask her questions about Princess Margaret, to help her prepare for the role.

Glencommer was born into the aristocracy, living just ten miles from Sandringham. Her father worked with the King, and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were her playmates when they were young children. She later became Margaret’s lady-in-waiting.

If Lady in Waiting is your kind of thing, then you’d probably enjoy this book too:

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