January Reading List

Go on then, tell us what you’ve been reading this month.

Thanks, I will!

Why do you have to be so enthusiastic about everything?

Well, it is my blog, so I think I can be as enthusiastic as I like…

(sigh) Alright, just get on with it then, and make it snappy, we haven’t got all day.

Look, if you don’t want to be here just leave. I can do this quite adequately on my own.

No, no. I’ll stay. Lockdown would be even harder if I were alone. You bore me but at least you’re here.

Erm…thanks, I think?

Get on with it then.

Oh yes, books! Well, I’ve read four books this month and have just started a new one.

Fascinating. Are we done now? I have another Zoom call in a few minutes and I really need to sort my hair out.

Well, to save your precious time and your bad hair, here are some pictures of the books instead. I’ll shut up now. Bye.

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