A Kind of Spark: reigniting my love of reading

Last week I reported that I was in a book slump.

I had failed to finish three or four books in a row and felt like I had temporarily lost my love of reading.

To remedy this, I am now re-reading my favourite book of 2020: A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll.

This is such a brilliant book, about an autistic girl, Addie, who learns about the history of witch trials in her Scottish village.

It’s not really about witches at all, though. It is about acceptance and tolerance and understanding. It is about how autistic brains work and how neurotypical and neurodiverse people experience the world differently.

Yes this is a children’s book, but everyone should read it. It really is that good and that important.

It is very rare for me to re-read a book so soon after having read it the first time; there’s no higher compliment, really.

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