A to Z Best 90s Albums: Conscience

C is for Conscience.

Most people will remember this album for the naked video which promoted the lead single, Sweet Harmony.

In 1993 The Beloved released Conscience, their highest charting album so far.

I’d been eagerly awaiting this release after having loved their two previous albums Happiness and Blissed Out.

Oh, and here’s that naked video…

The song Sweet Harmony still holds up, and when I hear it I’m transported right back to that time.

Meanwhile, Outerspace Girl was a minor hit, just scraping the top forty.

Satellite was also released, but none of the singles were as successful as Sweet Harmony. However, Conscience still reached number two on the album chart.

As you’d expect from a The Beloved album, Conscience is mellow, soothing, uplifting, chill-out, positive-vibes dance-pop.

There is one major difference between Conscience and the previous The Beloved albums: guitarist Steve Waddington had now left, and The Beloved had become a duo consisting of Jon Marsh and his wife Helena Marsh. As a result, although Conscience still sounds like The Beloved of Happiness and Blissed Out, it doesn’t quite have the same vibe and feels a bit lighter.

Stream the album below, and get whisked away to a chill-out utopia.

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